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Tracking Your Mood

experience Aug 03, 2021

One thing I can remember happening in my journey was I would have three good months and then I would go down into depression for a little while and then I would come back up. I would have another good three months and then back down again. 

After finding the root of this – I have experienced total freedom from those giant dips, and I have the tools and confidence to handle the small ones. 

Maybe, you’ve just finished a rehab program and you're experiencing one of those big dips – come intern with us (ID-IQ Program) and we will find your freedom together. 

Our Internship cuts the learning curve down substantially. There are things that took me so long to learn and we’re providing most of it to you in the first one to two phases.

Small Tip: Begin to track the dips. I personally document them in my planner. Just being aware of how you are feeling is a good step and tracking them is another. Take these baby steps, you never know where a few steps in the right direction will lead! 



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