I Want To Help!

Help Us Reach Our 2022 Goal!

Join Us As We Move Into 2022...  

...By completing our 2022 goal:

Complete remodel of the "Lodge", six more cabins and the amphitheater.  2022 is going to great, together we can make this happen.

Join us today as we continue to provide a "safe" place for women to come experience freedom from addiction.  


Yes, I Will Help!

Your Partnership

Gives a woman who has battled addiction, the opportunity to:

  • break free from even the desire for alcohol or drugs.

  • identify and heal the root cause of their addiction.  

  • restore relationships & develop new ones.  

  • address anxiety, depression, poor self-worth and begin believing what God says. 

  • spend twelve months practicing a new way of life and to live each day with truth and purpose.  

  • revive hope, establish new beliefs, express gratitude, and experience great joy.


Your Partnership

Gives You the opportunity to:

  • give hope that results in changed lives.  

  • help someone  win a very serious life challenge.

  • see God work in miraculous ways through your giving.    

YOUR contribution will change lives!   


There is a mother, a father, a husband, a child,  desperately praying for the freedom of their loved one.   I know because I have been that mother. 

Is God calling you to be a part of that answer?  

Our God answers prayers and this is about to get REAL good.  

Partnership 2022!