Director of Operations

Bob is honest, good natured, generous and fun.  He is a dedicated husband, father and friend.  

An Eagle Scout, Alumnus of Texas Tech University, Bob spent the majority of his career as a juvenile parole and probation officer in Hopkins County, Texas.  His authentic heart for others has impacted people, young and old.  

Bob accepted Jesus as a young adult and has never looked back.  Through good years and in times of hardship, Bob has trusted God.  

An entrepreneur at heart, Bob has considerable experience building and remodeling houses.  

His community involvement includes fundraising and volunteering for women and men's rehabilitation programs, serving the Boy Scouts and his local church.  When Bob is able to gather a few minutes away from work, you might find him fishing.  


Executive Director

Debbie could be described as a born leader, hard worker, determined, pragmatic, caring, with a love for Jesus that is contagious.  She is a registered dietitian, Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist and Wellness Coach.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas Tech University, completed a Dietetic Internship at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, and was self-employed in private practice for more than 25 years.  

She is a guest lecturer whose able to capture an audience with her bubbly, engaging teaching style, speaking on diabetes, motivation, and abundant living.  Ms. Latham was a featured guest on XM radio, Landline Now Radio Talk Shows and served as a weekly guest with XM 171 out of Nashville, TN.  

Bob and Debbie Latham, founders of Elsewhere Ministries, moved to Black Mountain, North Carolina in 2019 to provide a place for women struggling with addiction.


Bob and I have been married 37 years and never envisioned the turn our life and careers would take.  Our family was rocked by addiction in 2012.  We know the helplessness parents feel when they watch a child struggle with something like this.  We were living an oblivious life before this trial and had no idea the change that was about to occur in our lives and hearts as we became walking testimonies of Romans 8:28. 

In 2019 we sold our home and property in Texas to purchase a closed church camp in Western North Carolina to create a place  women battling addiction could come and gain experience living a 'new normal'

As parents, we have walked through the fire of addiction and watched as God used one of our deepest heartaches for good.  

Elsewhere Ministries' ID-IQ Experience for Women provides what we so desperately looked for when our family was in need... a beautiful place, a safe place and TIME to practice new healthy habits and build a life of purpose, passion & joy. 

It's not enough to just be sober. We want to provide women with opportunities to create a new normal, embrace a new beginning and experience their BEST life,  sober.