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About Us

About Us

Almost a decade ago, our average, small-town life took a serious detour when we realized our daughter was addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol.  

We didn't know it,  but we were about to experience Romans 8:28, the"live" version.   

God used one of our deepest heartaches and most devastating disappointments to redirect our path and deepen our faith.  

Our journey has been one of redemption and restoration with many miracles along the way!

Quincie's addiction, subsequent recovery, and battle to gain freedom from the anxiety, feelings of rejection, and depression that led to the addiction,  transformed our lives and deepened our dependence on God.  When you are depending on God for your next move, your next thought, and sometimes it felt like for your next breath, your faith deepens and life changes.  Our life certainly did! 

Our journey took us across the country to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  Quincie's battle birthed a desire in all of us to  Quincie's determination to be free birthed a desire in our family to facilitate healing and happy endings for more women and their families.   

 Addiction impacts the entire family.  if you have a loved one in the midst of addiction.  If you are wrestling with "Why?" Know God is a God of redemption and transformation.   

Elsewhere Ministries" ID-IQ Program is the NEXT STEP after rehab.  

It is exactly what we were looking for .... after Quincie's rehab, and could not find.    

This led us to move across the country to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina, and Elsewhere Ministries, Inc. was formed.  If you have a loved one in the midst of addiction,  If you are wrestling with "Why?", learn more about our life's mission and the ID-IQ Internship Program.   


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